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LoriShowtime und Lori feat. Jana sind Projekte, die man verstehen und mögen lernen muss. Der Mensch dahinter nimmt das Leben nicht so ernst und lebt vom "Spaß am Leben" und "Funny Situations" - It's Lori Showtime

Im Ernst....
Dieser Künstler - man meint es kaum - hat "überall" seine Finger im Spiel und ist renommierter Partner by iMusic1TV und vielen weiteren gehobenen Partnern.

Er beginnt schliesslich selbst Musik zu machen und......hat Spaß dabei!
Für jeden Musikkenner alles andere als das, was er im Mainstreambereich erwartet, aber....
Manchmal muss man über den Tellerrand schauen und den Menschen dahinter kennenlernen.

Everybody, who loves singing in the shower & ride in the car & takin a walk, let us talk & Can Laugh about themselves.
We Can Say Is Friends & Fans from Lori ShowTiMe.

Lori was born in America the States .. Made in Germany..
Polished up from World travelin .. (Rainbow) yes, the word that pops up in my head & heart talk`in about Lori ShowTiMe… Music Style: We Feelin Like A Jukebox @ Work … Milk & Toast & Honey… It`s JUst Funny How .. LoRi SHowTiMe SSongs SOmetiMes TAste Google: ( LORISHOWTIME) for Songs in Online Shops & News (tracks)

@Project iMusic1

@iMusic1 Project2

Eure Bewertung: 10
Hinzufügedatum: 29.9.2010  
von yamina
am 22. August 2012
class man made :)
von simone hartmann
am 22. August 2012
i like him very much......love his way to live and celebrate the life.....a very goodhearted man....and soooo funny....
Hip to the beat!
von MDL
am 27. June 2012
Pre Gala & after party stylings from not a man but a mystery & soon to be a living legend!
lori does it like no other & is always working.
In & out of the box, in the net & on the streets!
Keep up rollin' cos everyday is SHOWTIME!
von Deidre Stewart
am 16. January 2012
Thank you Lori for all the wonderful videos and laughts. when ever i am down i can always i can always remember one of your videos and they pick me back up. onces again thanks for the smile on my face.

Your Fan,
von Kimberly Persyn
am 7. January 2012
Dear Lori,
I so much enjoy your music and video's... I am so happy when I listein and watch... Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.
Your fan: Kimberly
what a fabulous sound and man
von Gina
am 20. December 2011
Hi Lori, Your project like me totally good. I love your music and I find the people full of awesome! 1000 kisses and greetings
von hardy und deena
am 21. November 2011
echt lustig , witziger kerl und coole music
von kerstin uebel
am 13. November 2011
love this musik.....and that man.... ksses kc
von Linda
am 5. October 2011
Alles Gute und viel Erfolg.
you are the best
von Olga
am 28. September 2011
Lori, you are great. Like your creativity.
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